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High Table

Go on, give us one. Share any story triggered by the word “TABLE” as long as it’s true. So many things happen at life’s proverbial table… everyone is welcome at ours. Feel free to share your sweet moments and funny ones, your dark moments or the mundane. Whatever the story, describe all the details. Don’t spare us the juicy bits! It doesn’t need to be a LITERAL table. Tell us about that time you took something off the table (metaphorically speaking) or perhaps when the tables were turned. Let your mind wander and images bubble up. Start with the first story that comes to mind. You can always come back later to feed us another. We’re insatiably hungry… Press the yellow button to record your story or submit it in writing below.

(We kindly request that you keep recorded submissions under 2 minutes.  Please say your name in the recording. After you record and submit please complete the form below.)

P.S. Your secrets are safe with us. We may serve up your story but never your name without your permission.

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