Sculpture & Performance

A Conversation with Allan Wexler We got to spend an afternoon picking Allan’s brain on the relationship between sculpture / architecture and performance for our Indiegogo video. He had so many interesting things to say we just had to cut a second video diving deeper into the conversation. Enjoy! Ghost Card is a free public performance. Check out the […]


Creating site-specific performance can be a test of patience. Megan and I really had to push ourselves to stay open and exploratory until Allan and Ellen Wexler’s Two Too Large Tables sculpture and the surrounding environment revealed an organic dramaturgical approach. It was about our 3rd week of rehearsal last summer that we began really exploring […]


Alexander – bends space-time with his bare hands before breakfast 🙂 Seriously though, we feel blessed to have him in the cast. Read Alexander Bianchi’s bio here. Help us support the Ghost Card cast with a donation to our Indiegogo campaign.

Ghost of the Table

We spent the first rehearsal mapping Allan and Ellen Wexler’s Two Too Large Tables sculpture into our bodies. The concentrated task of physically memorizing the precise angles, pathways and relationships between the 26 chairs embedded into the sculpture will allow us to work with the “ghost of the table” during off-site rehearsals and adapt Ghost Card to new locations. […]


Yuki Fukui captured our attention with her powerful presence and fluid articulation as a mover. We are thrilled to work with her as a Hungry Ghost. Read Yuki’s  bio.   Help us pay our artists… Donate to Ghost Card today.