Ghost Card is conceived and directed by Megan Weaver and Hassan Christopher with choreography by Christopher in collaboration with the ensemble. The project was incubated with the support of FullStop.LAB (Fullstopcollective.org). Ghost Card was inspired by and created in response to Allan and Ellen Wexler’s Two Too Large Tables Sculpture in Hudson River Park.


Art for All

Ghost Card is a public performance with free admission.  The content of the performance is drawn from true crowdsourced stories collected from a diverse audience base and tailored to highlight a cross-section of stories from the neighborhood in which the performance is taking place. Additionally, the performance itself features an interactive component that allows audience members to opt into the meaning-making process, using the Two Too Large Tables sculpture as a blueprint for mapping stories in space.


Site Adaptive

Ghost Card is a site-adaptive performance art installation designed for a participatory audience of 26 to 52 people (via rsvp) plus passersby who may come and go throughout its duration. The performance is episodic in nature, consisting of 26 two-minute vignettes inspired by the theme “Table Stories.” The vignettes are performed in a chance order determined by the unfolding of a card game. Participants have the option of listening to stories and accompanying music online during the performance. Future iterations may explore other thematic prompts as a basis for collecting and curating stories. 


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